Good News has Satoshi core mainnet lunched today how to know scammer


Good News has Satoshi core mainnet lunched today how to know scammer
Satoshi Miner Updates

Welcome to another day of Core Mining.

Bad players (scammers/cyber fraudsters) are devising strategies to defraud many participants. 

Here are the four (4) scamming tricks that CORE miners should be aware of, especially as the Mainnet draws near.

Phishing Site Scams

Phishing scams are one of the oldest tricks in the book, and with CORE as a highly valuable crypto asset with massive adoption, utilities, and hype surrounding it, you can expect them to skyrocket.

To those unaware, phishing scams attempt to steal funds from your wallets by providing fake yet incredibly well-done prompts that look a lot like the original. The most common example is a phishing email or some other type of message you receive online to ask you to click on links that re-direct to imitation websites. In most of the cases, they would also ask you to either input your seed phrase or to sign wallet permissions, which would allow the hacker to essentially drain your funds.

Others might ask you to unknowingly install some sort of software that would turn out to be malware and infect your phone or computer, thus giving scammers access to your files.

As a general rule of thumb, especially in regards to opening emails from unknown senders, you should:

•Never open an attachment or a link from an email address you don’t recognize, nor provide personal information or passwords (including recovery phrases & private keys) to anyone. Immediately delete emails from unknown senders.

•Be aware that scammers are getting more elaborate in their ways to get to your Satoshi CORE, so stay woke and be security cautious.

Airdrop Hunting Scams

Airdrop hunting scams are also likely to run rampant as we approach the CORE Mainnet launch. Know this:

•There are no official airdrops confirmed by the Core DAO yet...(Aside the one you get by mining in the app currently)

Customer Service (Support) Scams 

Customer Service Support scams are common in the cryptocurrency industry and they, much like most of the scams, target people who are new to Crypto.

Validator Community Scams

 Node mining:-

CORE uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, which implies that CORE once mainnet is launched, Core will be mined by delegating CORE to Validators. The validator is in charge of confirming transactions on the network and also distributes rewards to everyone who delegates CORE to his/her validator node. To become a validator, a minimum of 10,000 CORE is required.

Therefore, it is quite likely that there will be many scammers who will be trying to take advantage of ignorant miners and scam unsuspecting victims out of their CORE by asking them to contribute CORE together so they can form a validator node & be sharing the profit from the percentage commission a validator received from every payouts to delegators. 

Please Note that :- You're free to contribute your CORE for validation but be careful..

 _Stay informed Satoshi CORE miners _

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