Why people dont click on your affiliate link

There's this thing that I've noticed for some time now and I don't know if it's only me or we plenty that's doing it. Not want to use someone you know as a referral link to purchase something online or recommend their blogs or video to your audience.

Why people don't click on your affiliate link
Affiliate marketing

Most people especially bloggers don't like using their friends or someone they know referral links because they know the person will earn money from it

I think it's caused by ego, intimidation or not wanting others to prosper more than you (a big human behavior), I'm a victim of this myself before, but Not until I checked and asked myself why I'm doing that.

I noticed that it's because I know that they will earn from it or gain a thing or two rewards from using their link or recommending their work and Since I've realized how bad this behavior is,  I've fixed it 
and since then, seeing others earning a small percent from my payment makes me happier 

Because why not? 

They teach you or recommend something to you in other to make things easier for you then why not pay them for it indirectly?
Even these days I recommend some of my Facebook friend's YouTube videos to my audience and even link to them in my Blog posts. 
So far they are helpful content that will help my audience if you're someone that feels bad or intimidated to use other people's referral links or recommend their work to your audience check yourself and fix it. 
 Your heart will feel somehow lighter. 
 Just try it. 

Credit To Nvestor Az

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