3 small scale business ideas you can start as a student

I welcome you all to another new day of business if you are just hearing about our name is OpoOfficalz"click here". Well, I thank you for coming across our platform because here we exposed some things that you think you know but you don't know or something that you think you understand but you don't know how to start it up, like your business or even business ideas that can fetch you money. 
We exposed everything in total on this particular platform so if you have not joined some of our social media handlers please do well to do so because everything is being shared according to what is trending and what will trend in the future so let us go to what brought us here which is the three businesses or business that you can start up as a student in university, college or high school, even as a secondary school student you can still make use of this update, mean why you should know that our main aim here is to make money from this so let's get started. 

Collecting other students' dirty clothes / Laundry. 

Laundry job for students
Starting up laundry

This category may look funny or dirty to do but it is a lucrative business on campus and I know that this is the first thing that will come to your mind is:- 

 How can I be watching other people's clothes.?

Can they pay me for watching their clothes..? 

Now Click here to know more about how to start laundry inside the campus. 

Reselling of textbooks on the campus. 

Resell textbook
Reselling of textbook

The number two job or business that can fetch you money in school is what I called 'Selling or reselling textbooks in school, for you to learn more income in this 
I have prepared a step-by-step guide on "How to resell any textbook at university, college, or polytechnic level which you can get by "Clicking Here." 
You can still visit this online base Flipsy.com: Instantly see what the high-paying vendors are willing to pay for your textbooks.
DirectTextbook.com: Check the lowest prices to see if you’re getting a good deal
The last and not the list is what I called.

Tutorial Lessons In higher institutional level. 

Whether you like it or not or you love it or not people are now making money through this category I just mention here which is a tutorial lesson, now no matter the department of faculty you are this can work for you, stay tuned as you learn more of this when you visit the proper article on how to become a tutorial master or tutor in higher institution or college by clicking here. 


Remember we have so many things you can do but we OpoOfficalz just provided this because it is fast to learn and fast to understand and it will surely fetch you money instantly to your academic fund with this tutorial or article that I have provided you can even be keeping what your parents send to you by doing this side hustle school work. 
Please I want to hear from you if you learn from this article, would you like to learn about some other work or job you can visit our contact page or make a comment on this post you can even drop your suggestion on any other post you will like us to write for you and you will be notify when we are ready with the particular post, but please leave your number/email so that when the article is posted you will be notified by calling or messaging. 
 Thanks for reading we want to hear from you please visit back or browse through all our articles and categories and learn more.

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