6 steps to setup your assets password on Core satoshi app

6 steps to set up your assets password to withdraw your Satoshi Core 

Today will be showing you a simple step on how to password your Core/Usdt, which is under the satoshi app. 

Setting up your asset password to be able to transfer your Core to another user or wallet. 

The question you should be asking yourself is? 

What wallet are we going to be using during this exercise until then we will know?  

Below are the basic steps to go through it and do it now.

Satoshi Core Usdt assets
Assets password successful

Step 1:- Open your Satoshi mining App. 

Step 2:- Click On the 'Me' Menu On Button Right Side. 

Step 3:- Clicking On 'Personal Settings 


This is the place you will get all your info,  please if you have not been writing your information down do well to put it down now for it, is about to be launched soon. 

Step 4:- Click On 'Assets Password' 

We have two purposes for this password which are for the withdrawal of your satoshi core and to send your Core to another user. 

Step 5:- Click on forgot password and Reset it. 

Step 6:- Set a password and Don't Forget It. 


In this category or section, you need to create a new password apart from your main Satoshi app password which means a different password entirely after doing this please make sure that you take a pen and paper and put it down because this is just a secret that shouldn't be seen to another user or miner.

The Assets Password Is Different From Your Satoshi Account Password. 

If You Want To Transfer Your Core To Other Wallets, You Will Need To Input The Assets Password Before The transaction Will proceeds. 

The Idea Is: Even Though Someone Can log in To Your Satoshi Account, He Can't Steal Your Core. 

Except He Has The Assets Password. 

So The Assets Password Should Be Different From The Account Password.

Note Be careful and after you have reset it, make sure you write it down on a sheet of paper. 

2 comments for "6 steps to setup your assets password on Core satoshi app "

  1. Pls I forgot my old asset password how will can I go about it to do my verification

    1. Please when you log in on the app click on forgot assets password it will automatically reset and you can put your new one


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